Control Arts article on controller performance assessment is the most downloaded paper in the prestigious Journal of Process Control (more...)

AlarmCapture V5.0 leverages advancements in data collection and storage. New interface, new capabilities, and support for more DCS systems (more...).

Control Arts receives 6 patents for data mining, alarm management and controller performance (more...)

Now available - courses for Data Scientists and Process Control Engineers. Topics include data collection, analysis, alarm engineering, model identification, and controller performance assessment (more... )


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Since 1993, Control Arts has specialized in data mining, analysis and process control software. Recent developments have resulted in the addition of end-of-life forecasting for batteries and catalysts. These additions are a technological sequitur to the portfolio of data collection, analysis and software solutions for process control and alarm management. With 6 executed patents and 1 patent pending, Control Arts is dedicated to excellence in engineering technology.

Alarm Data Management

Start engineering your alarm system with the Control Arts Process Alarm Toolkit. All the components needed for a complete solution - from storing the alarm data to scheduled reports to management of change - are available in one integrated package.

And the Process Alarm Toolkit helps you to ensure that all alarm settings (trip point, deadband, etc.) are set at their optimal point (more...).

Controller Performance Monitoring

Maintaining a few control loops is easy, but if your plant has hundreds or thousands of control loops, continually determining which loops need attention can be a major effort. The Control Arts ControlMonitor package automates this task, delivering detailed reports on which loops aren't performing.

Just as important, you can also perform detailed diagnosis so that you can pinpoint the source of the problem and fix it (more...).

Process Model ID / PID Tuning

Most loops are still controlled with the PID algorithm, and it's still necessary to ensure that these are tuned properly. The Control Arts Model ID and PID Tuning package lets you efficiently obtain dynamic models of the process and quickly calculate the best PID parameters - all from a few simple plant tests.

A host of features allow you to go beyond PID tuning - from filter design to determining whether advanced control will be beneficial (more...).


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