AlarmCapture V5.0 just released! New interface, new capabilities, and support for more DCS systems (more...).

Control Arts receives 4 patents for controller performance and alarm management (more...)

Now available - three courses for the advanced control engineer on alarm engineering, model identification, and controller performance assessment (more...)

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ControlMonitor - Interactive
The Control Arts ControlMonitor Interactive module enables in-depth data analysis of one or more control loops to determine if a controller is not performing well, why it is not performing well, and steps to improve the performance. And because it connects directly to the plant historians, it's easy to analyze any time period on any tag or tags.

Analyze any single loop. Included on this display are the following tests:

  • Performance Indices (3 types)
  • Measurement/Setpoint/Output Time Trend
  • Auto and cross correlation
  • Measurement-Setpoint Histogram
  • Freqency Response
  • Measurement vs. Output plot


Surge vessel level controllers have different objectives than flow or temperature loops - the purpose of level loops isn't to maintain a setpoint, but to dampen variation in the controlled flow. To assess the performance of these loops, the ControlMonitor package has a special test that compares the current performance to an optimal surge vessel level controller performance.
It may be easy to determine that a set of control loops are cycling at the same frequency in a plant, but it's usually difficult to determine which loop is causing the cycling. The ControlMonitor contains a special test that quickly uncovers the most likely source of oscillation - without taking controllers off control or other plant tests.
Often the cause of poor performance is just that the controller needs retuning. And the easiest way to retune is to make a few open-loop tests then have the ControlMonitor quickly identify a transfer function model and obtain the tuning parameters directly from the model.
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