AlarmCapture V5.0. New interface, new capabilities, and support for more DCS systems (more...).

Control Arts receives 6 patents for controller performance and alarm management (more...)

Now available - three courses for the advanced control engineer on alarm engineering, model identification, and controller performance assessment (more...)

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All DCS systems have a primary annunciator for displaying alarms. But it's not connected with other data sources in the plant - such as the alarm documentation and the plant measurement historian. And it only displays the active alarms - it's cumbersome to determine which alarms have just cleared, which alarms are shelved, etc.

The Control Arts AlarmAssistant alleviates these problem with a host of features. And because it's PC-based, it can tie in with the other plant data sources for an indispensible operator tool.


Alarm Documentation is invaluable in an upset, but it won't help if it's not readily available to the operators. The AlarmAssistant allows instant access to the documentation - a double click on any active alarm brings up a screen indicating the causes of the alarm, the corrective action, and any other information that could be of use to the operator.

DCS Trends are a staple of an operators console, but they lack several features such as zooming, alarm event overlay, and exporting to files.

Not a problem with the AlarmAssistant. Just right click on an existing alarm on the main display, and select the trend option to get an advanced trend of the alarm and associated measurement.

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