AlarmCapture V5.0 just released! New interface, new capabilities, and support for more DCS systems (more...).

Control Arts receives 4 patents for controller performance and alarm management (more...)

Now available - three courses for the advanced control engineer on alarm engineering, model identification, and controller performance assessment (more...)

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Journal Articles

Limitations of Model Predictive Controllers
Hydrocarbon Processing, January 2000

Process Controller Performance Assessment
Hydrocarbon Processing, April 2001

Performance Assessment of Single-Loop Industrial Controllers
Journal of Process Control, July, 2006


Performance assessment of non-deadtime compensated controllers

Performance assessment of model predictive controllers

Performance assessment of controllers applied to integrating proceesses

Evaluation of alarm settings



Vol I Issue 1
Training, MVC decision criteria

Vol I Issue 2
Alarm floods, Application Specific Controllers

Vol II, Issue 1
Transfer function identification, Ill-conditioned Plants

Vol II, Issue 2
Application assessment, Application Specific Controllers

Vol III, Issue 1
Feedback effects on model ID, Multivariable control

Vol III, Issue 2
Control structure considerations, AlarmCapture program

Vol IV, Issue 1
Alarm trippoint evaluation, Level control

Vol IV, Issue 2
Controller performance for the TDC3000, Alarm management
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